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Another option for Huns, List 8.7

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Another option for Huns, List 8.7 Empty Another option for Huns, List 8.7

Post by MiniEel on Mon Nov 09, 2020 4:27 am

I suggest another option for List 8.7 Huns.

Option 2: Change 1 CL and 1 S with:
Alan or Goth nobles 1 CP2 VBU=6, I=3, VD=3

Background: This reflects recent historian views the Huns were not an ethnic group but rather a federated steppe empire comprising many people who they conquered and allowed semi-autonomous existence in exchange for regular tribute and warriors. These included Alans and Goths. Some of the Goths fled and moved into Roman territory as Visigoths. Others stayed to live and fight in the Hunnic steppe empire
This Option represents Hunnic armies operating in the Eurasian steppe during conquest or on its borders such as Armenia, Khorasan, and Mesopotamia. Tribute warriors would likely include warrior elites participating not only because they must but also for a share of loot from raiding, as they did before becoming part of the Hun empire. As per the Goth & Alan lists those warrior elites are noble lancer types, who would not have been wiped out or disappeared after being absorbed into the Hun empire.

The Goths and Alans also have 4/1/1 horse archer CL and some of the 7 allowed Hun horse archer CL could be painted up at Goths or Alans to represent a larger contingent in the army if desired.

The Huns would then have 3 options like most lists. The current Option 1 in the Hun list European centric, but in all likelihood that is only a small part of Hunnic military activity. Replace Option 2 with the above, and the current Option 2 becomes a standard Option 3 like most other lists

Selected References:
"Fall of Rome" Podcast, Ep 9
"The Huns". Hyun Jin Kim. 2015

(this is also included as a reply to potential new pdf list, but perhaps it should be a separate topic as it is not a completely new list)


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