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Baroque ECW First Game

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Baroque ECW First Game Empty Baroque ECW First Game

Post by Captain.Darling Wed Sep 29, 2021 12:35 pm

Monday night we played an ECW game with Baroque Rules!

Both side played aggressively (as we wanted to test the rules to the limit). Initially the Royalist Right ploughed through the Parliamentary flank and threatened to roll up their entire army whilst a similar result was occurring on the other side of the table as the Roundheads Right broke the Royalist Left! A bloody and close engagement ensued that saw the Royalists just win!

A couple of pictures from the game!

We discovered Cavalry should not enter woods, well actually we knew that beforehand but retreating and pursuing Mounted Units sometimes have a mind of their own!
Baroque ECW First Game 20210927_201534

Parliamentary Infantry advance on their opponents!
Baroque ECW First Game 20210927_203916

There are more pictures on the TSOG Blog!
TSOG Blog Link


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Baroque ECW First Game Empty Re: Baroque ECW First Game

Post by Tarty Mon Oct 25, 2021 9:47 pm

Good to see .... hope you liked the rules ?

Looking forward to having a few games soon. Most of my 'new projects' at the moment are for Baroque, one of them quite ambitious Rolling Eyes
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