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Retreat After Loosing a Melee

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Retreat After Loosing a Melee

Post by T13A on Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:28 am


In a game last night a unit had to retreat after loosing a melee, however, there was an enemy unit 1U away immediately behind the unit that had to retreat.

On checking the rules they seemed to be a bit ambiguous (at least to us) as to what happens to the retreating unit. The only relevant bit we could find (and we checked Advanced Impetus as well) said, "If the retreating unit cannot even start due to a friendly or enemy Unit that is blocking the path then the Unit is destroyed" (page 39, 7.6.2 Loss of Melee and Retreat of the defeated Unit).

The "even start" is the bit confusing us. There was nothing that we could find to say what happens to a retreating unit that cannot complete its full retreat move due to an enemy unit being in the way.

We would be very grateful for some clarification and some pointer to what it says in the rules (and where) if we have missed something.

Many thanks, Paul


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Re: Retreat After Loosing a Melee

Post by Zippee on Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:32 am

The unit that lost the melee retreats until it contacts the blocking enemy. If it was elephants the enemy unit would take hits and DIS, otherwise the retreat stops with the enemy in contact. That's it - until it or the enemy units activate again or unless the victorious unit pursues into contact, in which case it's all looking pretty grim.

Remember your retreating unit is no longer fresh, is DIS (and in contact* so can't Rally), has enemy in contact so can't manoeuvre, and that enemy is in contact* with its rear face so it takes huge penalties in the next melee and will likely lose and not be able to "even start a retreat". this is NOT a good place to be.

Only if the unit "cannot even start a retreat" is it destroyed - this would require enemy in contact with front and rear edges essentially. So is the penalty for being surrounded in essence. You might achieve this by charging into contact with it or by forcing it to retreat into contact or by pursuing a unit that has had its retreat blocked.

Essentially it just means that the losing unit is in a very bad position, all is not entirely lost if not actually engaged front and rear but its chances of survival are slim, it just takes a turn longer - which might be vital if you can win the game elsewhere.

*Note I'm assuming here that it contacts the front face of an enemy unit - if it is blocked by the rear or flank then things are a bit easier but if the victorious unit pursues into contact or charges it next turn then it will be destroyed if it loses as it still "can't even start a retreat".

hope that makes sense of it - I think you actually understand the rule. you're just looking for a penalty to apply for failing to complete a retreat - that penalty doesn't exist.

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Re: Retreat After Loosing a Melee

Post by T13A on Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:00 pm

Hi Zippee

Many thanks for the clarification. I wish it had been clearer in the rules.

Cheers Paul


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Re: Retreat After Loosing a Melee

Post by Gaius Cassius on Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:34 pm

Zippee has it correct.

I recently had a unit of Tagmatic cavalry with a general forced to retreat into contact with an enemy skirmisher in my rear (intentionally placed there to thwart my retreat.) My opponent attempted to destroy this unit by meleeing it over several turns but fortunately the dice gods protected me. Had the unit routed my command would have broken and thus the army. Instead, my other flank destroyed its opponent and the game was won! There are no guarantees in Impetus, only probabilities.
Gaius Cassius
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VBU 7 h.c.

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Re: Retreat After Loosing a Melee

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