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Sevral questions on rules (advanced impetus)

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Sevral questions on rules (advanced impetus)

Post by Tombeapix on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:13 am


Playing with friends (mostly XVth century), we had several questions about the rules. Reading the "advanced impetus" document, we had even more !
(We play with a french rulebook, so I hope my translations will be the right ones...)

1°) About stakes : the rules stand that mouted troops charging stakes are disordered and suffer -1 dice in melee, and cancel impetus bonus. Does it mean that a VBU 8 CP charging longbowmen behind stakes will fight with 6 dice ? (8 - 1 because of Disorder - 1 of stakes) Or is the "-1 dice" written in the rules only a reminder of the consequence of Disorder ?

2°) Shieldwall : The advanced Impetus rule stands that it is possible to form automatically a shieldwall as a reaction, "like evasion". But the same document stands later that evasion, if the unit is not on opportunity, needs a discipline test... So is the shieldwall automatic or does it need a discipline test ?

3°) Is it possible for a unit to fire twice a turn ? For example : english longbowmen (longbow A) face units of french knights. The English player has initiative and fires with his units. Then the french knights play and charge a unit of the English army. The charge accidentally brings them in the ZoC of the english longbowmen. Can the English fire a second time this turn as opportunity fire (and at 5U with longbow A against mounted troops just before the melee...) ?

4°) Wheel : is it possible to wheel and advance in the same movement phase, taking in account the distance needed for the wheel (in the same way as for the "free" wheel of impetuous troops) ? Or do I need two movement phases to wheel a unit and then advance in the new orientation ?
-> In case of a charge : can wheel and charge in the same movement phase, or do I need two movements, risking to disorder my unit when arriving in contact ?

5°) Long spear : Does a unit armed with long spears also cancel Impetus bonus from CP units that charge on flank or rear ? Or only against frontal charge ?

6°) Missed charge : I want one of my CP unit to charge. I take the movement bonus... and the charge is to short ! How far does my unit go ? 8 + 1D6 U or only the D6 U ?

7°) Bagages : the advanced Impetus rules stands that it is possible to deploy bagages within 12U of the side edge. It also stands that I can deploy a Large Unit or up to 3 Units in front of my bagages, even exceeding the deployment area. So is it possible to deploy this Large Unit or these 3 Units within 12U of the side edge ?

8°) Advanced deployment B (Advanced Impetus) : do all mounted Units have to belong to the same Command ? Or can they be from several different commands ?

9°) End of a turn : The rules stands that the rout of a Command or of the army is determined at the end of a turn. I have several Commands in my army. One of them routs at the end of the turn, bringing my VDT under 50%. Does the whole army rout now ? Or at the end of the next turn, rwhen I will determine again if my amy routs ?

Thanks a lot !


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Re: Sevral questions on rules (advanced impetus)

Post by Gaius Cassius on Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:30 am

1. 3.6.2 can be read either way. Good question. My suspicion based on how Impetus is written is that the CP end up with 6 dice.

2. Shieldwall is automatic.

3. The simple answer is yes, one fire in the units activation and any number of reaction fires as long as the firing unit is in good order. Remember the advancing unit must be moving through the firing unit’s ZOC in a manner that will not cause it to contact the firing unit to qualify for reaction fire. A unit on opportunity can not fire twice in one turn (unless there is a reaction response). So if the firing unit shoots while on opportunity it is marked as fired even if its command should activate later in the turn.

4. Two movement phases.

5. Long spear cancels impetus for mounted units no matter what flank it is contact on.

6. 8 + 1D6

7. No

9. You determine the command and army morale at the end of the turn.
Gaius Cassius
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