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Questions about the Later Polish List

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Questions about the Later Polish List

Post by jhykronos on Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:42 pm

1. Even though it says it ends at 1700, it seems some of the later characteristics of the army are missing. For example, the Pancerni never change over to the lance in this list... most literature (and figures!) seems to have them as lancers by the time of the Battle of Vienna.

2. The Raytars seem a bit under-represented at only 1 unit... Richard Brzezinski seems to indicate that they could make up a substantial portion of the army at times. Also, why don't they get the option to be classified as Trotters? That seems to be the more typical fighting mode of the contemporary German cavalry of this type.

3. Should the "guard" infantry units, such as Sobieski's Jannisaries, get any special distinctions?

4. My understanding is that the Polish armies made extensive use of the "Tabor" wagon forts, similar to the Cossacks. Should they get a fortification option, or would that be something more characteristic of a list for the earlier period?


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Re: Questions about the Later Polish List

Post by stecal on Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:59 pm

I think most of these lists are beta and incomplete. One of my biggest problems with the release of these rules. Without expansive army lists the Baroque rules are just going to get put on the shelf and forgotten.


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Re: Questions about the Later Polish List

Post by paulbgau on Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:47 am

As a base list I don't think its too bad, or far from the mark.

I see the SM-2 foot would be Germans in the earlier period, SM-1 actual Polish - but I think these should also be MM1 to cover the axe used as a musket rest.

Panceri (at least the Lithuanians) did have a lance, maybe no firearms, so there should be an allowance for that.

I am unsure on the numbers of Reiter (German) but most rules limit numbers and dont have them as trotters.

Janissary should be similar to Haiduk but maybe give them salvo ! but only 1 unit.

Tabor was used but Baroque doesn't cover any fortifications at this stage.

I'd rather see more lists, or a way to convert other system list, more quickly (as beta) then expand each to cover specific types.


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Re: Questions about the Later Polish List

Post by dadiepiombo on Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:41 pm

I have uploaded the point system.
Unless you are planning a competition you are free to adapt a list according to your research.

The lists are betas as tuning complete lists needs time and any contribute from players is welcome.


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Re: Questions about the Later Polish List

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