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Latest ECW Baroque AAR

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Latest ECW Baroque AAR Empty Latest ECW Baroque AAR

Post by Fat Wally on Wed May 11, 2016 10:20 am

This was the third game of Baroque that my eight year old son Jack and I have played. The first game we've played where almost all the markers were figures, except of course red flashes for units that have reacted.

We had 500 pts per side with one General each. Jack played Royalists and worked out his own army list  with 3 GA, 1 TR, 3 P&M, 1 T, 1 S = 23 VDT. Jack elected for quality with two GA units as His Royal Highness's, and a unit of A Class Cornish P&M. I commanded the Parliamentarians with 1 TR (Cuirassiers), 2 RE (Massed), 1 TR, 3 P&M, 1 Wb (Church Militia), 1 Dr, 1 S, 1 Art B = 20 VDT, I went for quantity with C class Foot and RE plus Church Militia.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1896_zpsfz4ujzkb


I won 6-4 with the first Exploration dice and Jack tried to change with an extra ED and rolled a four again. With 6pts for terrain, I chose an oversize wood for 3pts, two fields of crops (broken ground 1pt each) and a low hill for a final point. Jack with four points removed one field (1pt) and the wood (3pts). Jack rolled to reverse the roles but couldn't beat my score so he deployed his baggage and entire force first. He chose to deploy foot in the centre with two wings of horse. I decided to refuse my left and use the right offensively.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1898_zpsrrcstntt

Lord Jack of Scrotum

The hopes of the King rest with this small boy.  Don't be deceived.  He's a pure killer having won both previous encounters easily.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1899_zpsv0kgjc84

Royalist Centre

P&M foot supported by T Musketeers

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1900_zps9nkbj42m

Royalist Left

P&M Foot, GA (His Royal Highness's), supported by TR
Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1901_zpsrrzwe8zq

Royalist Right

GA (His Royal Highness's) with Feared Marker, (Opponents deduct 1d6 in Melee and re-roll 1s on Cohesion Test) supported by C Class GA.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1902_zpsst6a0qqc

Parliamentarian Right

C Class P&M Foot supported by TR (Cuirassiers = – Deduct 1D6 if fired at by Firearms incl Point Blank Pistols) massed RE (= Their movement drops to 2S.  MM+2) and TR to the rear.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1904_zpsllislzlo

Parliamentarian Centre

Skippon's boys, with a Preacher marker

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1905_zpscevtzwpw

Royalist Centre Advances

Ensigns wave the colours.  Drummers beat the cadence as the King's men slog forward

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1907_zpsgmtjs8k1

“Forlorn Hope Forwards Boys”

Red marker indicates they have reacted to the Royalist advance. Single figure is a marker to indicate the unit is 'Well Trained Shooters' and re-roll 1s and 2s when firing
Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1908_zpsgkpdl56t

First Clash

Royalist Gallopers of the left charge, and are countercharged in return by Lobsters (who reacted and passed their discipline test).  Massed RE are in reserve.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1909_zpshmltuqe9

Lobsters Pushed Back

The Cuirassiers hang on grimly, but are pushed back into contact with their supporting RE. Royalist gallopers pursue. Subsequent rounds saw the Parliamentarians prevail routing the King's men, but exhausting themselves in the process. Score 6VDT each

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1910_zps6vs9hv6i

Shot of the Action at the Climax of the Battle

His Highness's Gallopers engage the Church Militia on the hill. Parliamentarian Forlorn Hope manages some deft shooting to slow the Royalist centre's advance. Despite having a Master Gunner (Re-roll 1s and 2s when firing) Parliamentary artillery fails to hit a barn door all evening. Godly horse advance in the centre to exploit any weakness whilst the Parliamentarian right advances to punish the enemy left.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1911_zpsewvxciwx


His Highness's Gallopers charge after a double move and pounce on the Church Militia on the hill. The Militia failed their attempt to react. Lacking pikes, and faced by 11 attack dice plus Feared status the Militia are routed in one round of combat, disordering the supporting Yellowcoat regiment to their rear. Score to the Royalists 10-6

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1912_zps5kpucltx

Royalist Gallopers Pursue

In their compulsory pursuit phase the gallopers hit the flank of the Parliamentarian Yellowcoats. OUCH!

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1913_zpslqwze89m

Parliamentarian Left in Trouble

If the yellowcoats lose this combat they will be routed immediately as they are hit in the flank.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1914_zpsb3ajtfio

Yellowcoats Hang On

Somehow, the yellowcoats survive for this round and the two sides are locked in combat.
Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1915_zpsahzgxfce

Parliamentarian Right in Trouble

Jack's whitecoats exhaust first the Parliamentarian greycoats, and then the enemy dragoons too. Score to the Royalists 18-6.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1916_zpsdhzuvpsw

Second Line Royalist Horse Charge.

With C-in-C attached, the Parliamentarian RE pass a discipline test to perform defensive fire on the charging enemy Trotters, who fire their point blank pistols before the melee. The Godly have the best of it though and rout the cavaliers. Score 18-12.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1917_zpsvjt6cvke


The greycoats have routed after a round of firing from the Royalist whitecoats. It's getting desperate. Staring at defeat the Parliamentarian's victorious RE flank the whitecoats whilst the reserve Trotters engage the enemy foot. The whitecoats are 1 VD from being exhausted. So close, but so far. In the next round the Trotters manage to inflict one more casualty on the enemy foot successfully exhausting them. Score 18-18.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1918_zps7rlymd1i

The End is Nigh

His Highness's Gallopers resume the fight against the yellowcoats. Jack scores three hits, whilst suffering one. The yellowcoats fail their cohesion test badly and rout. Royalists win 23-18. A surprisingly close run thing.

Latest ECW Baroque AAR IMG_1919_zps3vjvdtz1

Only our third game so we may have made some errors in play but a fantastic scrap.  Loving the rules.



Fat Wally

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Latest ECW Baroque AAR Empty Re: Latest ECW Baroque AAR

Post by Zippee on Wed May 11, 2016 11:24 am

Lovely report Kev, well played Jack.

Only 1 general? We're playing with 3 at 600 points, different style I think.

I note the Church Militia were about as effective as I imagined they would be Smile

I also note that once again artillery is a waste of points

Haven't used Massed RE yet - how do you find them, is the Slow an impediment?

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Latest ECW Baroque AAR Empty Re: Latest ECW Baroque AAR

Post by Fat Wally on Wed May 11, 2016 11:32 am

Cheers Zipp.

We went with only one General because he's only eight years old and its a bit much for him to work out commands at the moment.

I wanted him to focus and get used to the mechanics before we go daft.

Massed RE are really useful IMHO. Unfortunately Massed C Class RE is a really bad idea. Discovered that last night and had to attach a General to even begin to keep things going.

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Latest ECW Baroque AAR Empty Re: Latest ECW Baroque AAR

Post by Zippee on Wed May 11, 2016 12:47 pm

That seems reasonable. We've found that at the points given, multiple commands can lead to very small commands!

He did well, and taller than some of your regular opponents to boot Smile

Yes 5 points is a drop in the ocean to move up to B class which is most essential for slow troops.

Not a fan of preachers - they always give the wrong sermon IMO. Prostitutes are, erm 'good value'.

We tend to see parliament field a pair of ironsides, feared and motivated - pretty scary! So far only backed up by ordinary RE not massed and usually forego the cuirassiers, people veer away from the Slow basically. We also find the Royalists pump GA with motivated rather than take HRH units.

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Latest ECW Baroque AAR Empty Re: Latest ECW Baroque AAR

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