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Suggestions for Advanced Impetus

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Re: Suggestions for Advanced Impetus

Post by Tarty on Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:54 pm

I know what you mean Gaius and about the only way to look at it really...over committed CL put in harms way.
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Re: Suggestions for Advanced Impetus

Post by Tankred on Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:27 am

dadiepiombo wrote:I will post a draft before the official release

As for terrain placement I'm working at some new idea for Basic Impetus 2. Not sure can work for Impetus as well. I mean they need to be adjusted according to miniature scale and points probably.

Anyway here the draft of the idea, so you are welcome to help. Please note that the idea has been designed for BI, so now I'm trying to customize dfor Impetus. Let's' consider 400pts 28mm.

Player who has the controll of the battlefield rolls 2 dice and place terrain according to one of the tables (if he has the same number, he can choose the table).

If the army has more Foot Units
2-4 Gentle Hill and/or Wood
5-6 Wood or nothing
7-8 Any Difficult and or any Rough
9-10 Any rough or nothing
11 Village or nothing
12 River and/or Village

If the army has more Cavalry
2-4 Gentle Hill and/or Wood
5-6 Any Rough or Nothing
7-8 Gentle hill or any rough
9-10 Nothing
11 Village or nothing
12 River and/or Village and/or Nothing

Only one river can be placed.
Only Attaker can place a Village(Bua) and only once can be placed.

The second player rolls the same but his terrain elements must be placed at at least 40cm

Then First Player rolls agains 2 dice, but he can place anywhere (not over other terrains)

At last Second Player rolls and can place anywhere (no over other terrains)

I think this system (that can be tuned) allows a good flexibility

I would like to give you some feedback on this suggestion since we played a game with 400 Pts in 15mm. We placed 1 fields (broken ground) and 2 gentle hills and 1 Forest. The positining really made the game, my opponent could make maximum use of his infantry behind the fields. He managed to get my cavalry out of control and the fight in the fields was terrific.

However I really liked the way it goes, quick, interesting and important for the game.

So this is great and works for me, please go on with this.

Following questions:
Rough ground: Does this mean difficult ground? If yes, that would include villages, abbeys and farms.

For armies which have more infantry: If they are the defender the may not position villages so result 11 may include something for the defenders as well.

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Re: Suggestions for Advanced Impetus

Post by dadiepiombo on Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:51 pm

rough is broken, so less than difficult. The above table is just the draft to explain the idea (I'm using a similar table in the new Basic Impetus but with some changes).

One option for Impetus 2 could to create 4 tables with some choice by the player the one to choose.

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Re: Suggestions for Advanced Impetus

Post by Sponsored content

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