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Army List Corrupted Modified List

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Army List Corrupted Modified List

Post by OldScruffy on Wed May 28, 2014 6:40 pm

I'm excited to post the first topic for Impetus Fantasy.   Very Happy 

First my background is probably common. Many Warhammer 40k/Fantasy armies.  I've also played couple historical rule sets with Celts, Romans, British and French Napoleonic.  

I am new to Impetus rules and like the Impetus game mechanics especially the turn sequence and have become interested in the Fantasy version........  

Enough of that, now get on with it!

Had to pour a cup of coffee and will get started.

My interest in this thread is to create a mix of Corrupted, Restless Souls, and more.  The end result to create a 12th - 14th century Plague Themed army.

I'm not sure what BIF/IF mean but could use some help with the Pts in the IF list.

BIF List
Corrupted Knights
Nr 2, CP(*), M 8, VBU 7, I 5, D B, VD 3 Fierce Charge, Terror

War Dogs
Nr 1, CL, M 10, VBU 4, I 2, D C, VD 3 Fast, Rush

Nr 1, FP(*), M 4, VBU 5, I 3, D C, VD 3 Continuous Charge, Die Hard

Nr 1, S, M 8, VBU 3, I 2, D B, VD 1 Lethal

Merc Archers
Nr 1, T, M 6, VBU 3, I 0, D B, VD 2 Comp Bow A, Incendiary Arrows, Pavises

Nr 1, M, M 6, VBU 5, I 3 D B, VD 3 Monster Traits

Nr 1, CH, M 5, VBU 2, I 1, D B, VD 4 Terror, Stand Firm Men

Nr 1, CH, M 5, VBU 2, I 1, D B, VD 4 Heal, Summon magical unit

Nr 1, CH, M10, VBU 2, I 1, D B, VD 4 Fireball. Make Agile, Deathtouch

Option Change T to:
Nr 1-2, S, M 6, VBU 2, I 0, D B, VD 2 Composite bow B, Eagle Eyed.

Option Change S to:
Nr 1, FL, M 6, VBU 4, I 3, D B, VD 3 Determined, Fast, Long Spears, Peasants

I have models painted for Wizard, Cleric, Hero, and War Dogs. Re-basing them to Impetus bases. For the Corrupted warriors will use the Deus Vault Teutonic Knights,
for the Ogre is Games Workshop Bragg the Gutsman, Zombies - GW Zombies bashed with Bretonnian Men at Arms or Deus Vault Tuetonic Knights on foot.

Not sure yet on the Merc and archers.

Any advice is most welcome.

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Re: Army List Corrupted Modified List

Post by dadiepiombo on Wed May 28, 2014 9:49 pm

BIF stands for Basic Impetus Fantanticus, a semi-official fantasy version of Basic Impetus.
As soon as I have time I will put in this section the link for free download (this forum is a new one and the link was in the old forum)

Soon or later an official full Impetus fantasy version will be released, so any imput is welcome Very Happy 

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Re: Army List Corrupted Modified List

Post by OldScruffy on Thu May 29, 2014 1:56 pm

Thanks for BIF information. Too simple Smile Familiarizing myself with the new codes and confused myself.

I have recently bought the IMPETVS Rules for miniature battles and received my copy last Monday. I will start playing next day or two.

I have lots of ideas for fantasy Smile

I really like the direction Fantasy Impetus rules are heading and look forward to more updates.

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Re: Army List Corrupted Modified List

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