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Interpenetration by wheeling

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Interpenetration by wheeling

Post by accard on Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:58 am


5.10.3 states that units can interpenetrate friendly units "to its flank" if that movement is made with a wheel.

A couple of issues arose regarding this in a game last night.

Say there is a group of large FP units. One on the end wishes to wheel off and charge an opponent. The initial wheel has it interpenetrating but not clearing its flank neighbour, Can it make its second move straight ahead into contact, or does it have to continue wheeling and only then charge when it is fully clear of its neighbour? (on the basis interpenetration is only allowed with a wheel)

The second question is regarding how strict is the definition of "to its flank"?
We had one unit behind and to the side of another, both at different angles - not starting in contact. When the rear unit wheeled its rear corner would interpenetrate the flank edge of the unit which was initially obliquely in front. So does this count as to its flank, or is it initial position which matters? We ruled it couldnt interpenetrate in the end but weren't clear. Do they need to start in side to side contact? Or somewhere in between these two extremes?

Thanks, Andrew


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Re: Interpenetration by wheeling

Post by Gaius Cassius on Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:58 pm

Here is my opinion.

1. I would say it could make second move straight ahead if there was a partial overlap from the first wheel. The rule states a unit can partially interpenetrate a flanking unit but it doesn't say the unit can only exit the interpenetration by further wheeling. In fact, I would be inclined to say that a unit can only create a partial interpenetration once through the first wheel and then it must exit the interpenetration by clearing the other flanking unit through a direct move to the front. The idea being that the partial interpenetration should be kept to the minimum overlap as possible. Otherwise, 5.10.3 could be abused to allow formed units a way of interpenetrating each other that isn't normally allowed in the rules.

The idea of 5.10.3 to my thinking is to allow sufficient wiggle room for units to maneuver from a continuous line so I would take flank literally (this seems to be the way you decided in the end.)
Gaius Cassius
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