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Piddling Brook - WoTR

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Piddling Brook - WoTR Empty Piddling Brook - WoTR

Post by Fat Wally on Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:23 pm

Another foray into the Fifteenth Century for myself and the son and heir, using basic Impetus.

All smiles from the Lancastrian commander.  Let’s see if we can wipe the smile off his hideous chimp-like visage.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0448_zps8gtbhknn

Daddy's Yorkists have 17 Units in two commands with a VDT of 34 and a break point of 17.  Jack's Lancastrian scum have 19 units, in three commands, a VT of 35 and a breakpoint of 18.  

Dad was the defender and chose a river running NS, small ploughed field, boggy area and two small hills located north of the wheatfield and south of the boggy ground.  Having chosen Irish Jack had been hoping for woods so I was very keen to avoid that choice.  

The boy had moved the ploughed field to a more central position from its original flank placement by me.  I placed the river such to give Jack and idea that it doesn't always have to be EW, there are other options.  I thought he'd move it to a flank position.  

Initially my idea was to mass everything on one side of the river and concentrate on one enemy wing.  However as Defender I had to place my largest command first, followed next by the largest command of the enemy.  This would mean that after placing my second, and final command, the boy would be able to place his final two commands on the table to counter my ideas. He may be young, but he's not daft.  So, my main command was deployed west of the river with a smaller one to the east.  Jack deployed his main command opposite my main force, his second largest opposite my other command, supported by his smallest command.  This would be a most interesting scrap.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0451_zpsn8irt1gw

Lancastrian right wing.  A mix of Retinue troops, Mercenary Crossbowmen, a heavy Bombard and some Irish Bonnachts and Kern.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0452_zpsxns8unrl

Lancastrian centre. Mostly Bills with a couple of units of Bows and lighter artillery.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0453_zps9ixhysud

Lancastrian left. Shire archers, Dismounted Nobles plus General, more Kern and Bonnachts.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0454_zpsh9bj96x8

Yorkist right. A fair mix of Bills and Bows with a heavy Bombard adjacent to the river.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0455_zpshw65f6xy

Yorkist left.  Bills, Bows, Continental Pikemen, with Currours and Dismounted Nobles in support.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0457_zpsoxgrkg3c

Yorkist right advances.  Clearly Jack wasn't going to come at me in this game so i thought I might advance and try and tempt him into a hasty advance.   "Not going to happen Daddy.  I have a cunning plan".  I must stop my kid watching Blackadder.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0459_zpsf1eyqadz

Yorkist left moves up too. Lots of lovely pike, bills and bows.  With Jack looking very static I thought I might tempt him if I advance, or even take the high ground if he doesn't move?

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0460_zps76tznye2

A unit of Retinue Bowmen sneaks across the river to fire on the flank of any advancing enemy.  With hindsight this was a big mistake as I could have really used them west of the river.  Ah well.  You live and learn.  

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0462_zpsxi5idb23

Jack's not moving, so I keep going.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0463_zpsbvklcmgc

Aware that the Yorkist line may be enveloped by Jacks smallest command I shift obliquely temporarily disordering my troops.  Fortunately the enemy are a long way off and so I'll have time to rally before it hits the fan.  This is the Wars of the Roses. It always hits the fan.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0464_zpsfjivoavy

Jack's smallest command advances on the left flank.  "Just to keep you interested Daddy".  I'm not daft.  Jack is trying to pin my right and divert my attention.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0465_zps514ows0v

Jack pushes forwards a couple of longbow units to support his steadily advancing light artillery.  The ploughed field has no effect upon movement, or order for Bow units.  This makes it tougher for me to engage in close combat with heavy infantry who will move at half speed, and becoming disordered in the process.  The boy is clearly learning.  I'll have to try and outshoot him.  However, adjacent to the left flank of his bows Jack trundles his lighter artillery forward.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0466_zpsffc3cbon

Yorkist General and Nobles of the second command sensing it’s going to be a very tough fight ahead no doubt.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0467_zpsfr5ewgak

Lancastrian right advances.  Jack was extremely patient.  After a couple of bad losses in previous games where he rushed, or was lured, into rash attacks this time round he was much more considered and cautious.  Worrying for me.  Its rare for a kid to sit and let things develop and it shows how well he's learnt some of his recent lessons.  

"Its all about timing Daddy isn't it?"

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0468_zpsnxncqvar

Lancastrians take the high ground.  Wresting it from them is going to be really tough.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0469_zpsimavc50n

Jack's small command of mostly Irish and Shire troops continued to act aggressively making spoiling and harassing attacks, all to keep my attention fixed on them.  Clever kid.  The Bonnachts rout some Shire Bowmen

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0470_zpssduekoia

The Lancastrian artillery and longowmen proved particularly effective in weakening the Yorkist second command as it tried to get into bow range.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0471_zpszzryzei8

My largest command now rolled a double one for initiative, and so spent the rest of the game rolling a -1 modifier each time.  I'd been trying to cover the gap in my line, caused by moving my longbows over the river, by shifting my billmen right then moving my General-led Dismounted Nobles  into the gap.  However, the Lancastrians wrested the local initiative from me and managed to get their Impetus bonus attacks in first with their artillery, Longbow and Crossbow fire causing a string of niggling disorder and minor casualties on the units supporting the main Yorkist thrust.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0472_zpszdcvmd0d

Longbows are almost across the river and threatening Jack's second command but gaps are appearing in my line which lack of winning the initiative on my part ensures that the Lancastrians can take advantage.  Darn, or is that 'Forsooth'?

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0473_zps308jzaun

Lancastrian Billmen engage the Continental  pike and Yorkist bills before I have had a chance to stabilise my line and they are ready.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0474_zpsmabazoki

Yorkist successes.  "Give them the cold steel men."  The Kern are engaged by Yorkist Bills, and routed, swiftly followed by the Shire archers.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0475_zpsff76vtj4

The Yorkist archers finally outshoot their Lancastrian counterparts and then rout the Bonnachts resulting in Jack's smallest command breaking.  Jack sends Shire bills through his guns to threaten my right, with more stacking up behind.  Now his blood is up and he senses that if he doesn't do something soon I'll pick him apart in detail.  Fortunately, a unit of powerful and fresh dismounted Nobles isn't too far away.  I can smell blood.  Victory for the Yorkists is becoming closer.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0476_zpsyykaopmz

Yorkist Currours charge Lancastrian Bonnachts but come off a very poor second as Daddy rolls very appallingly.  "Go on Dad.  Roll again.  Let’s pretend that didn't really happen eh?  You need all the help you can get".

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0477_zpsiyidq8a0

Jack rolls four hits against the Continental Pike, who roll one.  It’s going very pear shaped.  The boy is having a hoot, and to be honest it’s lovely to see.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0478_zps1b6pdmtg

The Yorkist Pike are losing their momentum and combat.  Forcing the pikemen to retreat, the Lancastrian bills choose to pursue and contact and so fight again, immediately.  The pikes hang on, just.  I rush Dismounted Nobles with my Commander in an attempt to shore up the centre.  Too little too late.  On the plus side Hasting's Yorkist bills charge and rout the French Mercenary Crossbomen.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0479_zps7cdwkr9q

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0480_zps2fv7m27p

The hacking and stabbing goes on amid screams of the wounded and injured and the smell of fresh blood spilt.  This is brutal stuff as the increasingly hot and exhausted billmen are locked in a struggle for survival.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0481_zpsgueh7731

Fresh Yorkist Dismounted Nobles attack using their Impetus Bonus.  8 dice Vs 2 dice.  Not even close.  The billmen rout, running like girls.  As it should be.  The Yorkists pursue far enough to hit the guns.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0485_zpsckgvt06k

The guns are hit by the pursuit and also routed causing disorder and a casualty on the bills to their rear.  This time my pursuit move isn't enough to engage them.  Darn.  My chance for a glorious win goes begging.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0486_zpslzm2zopq

The pikemen finally rout.  The Currours are routed by the Bonnachts.  Longbowmen are routed by artillery fire as things unravel at an alarming pace.Taking lots of hits from Lancastrian bows at close range my Yorkist bills of Hastings's retinue are horrified when Jack's C-in-C turns up in the nick of time to administer the coup-de grace and grab the glory.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0487_zpssyme5lj4

Jack rolls three hits and routs my billmen.  He looks gutted for me......NOT.....

"What are three sixes Daddy?.....Eighteen?  Oh yes that's it....VICTORY. Smell it".  

Smart ass kid.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0488_zpscku1x9od

My large command routs as its breakpoint is reached.  I was only three points way from victory and if I could have hung on just one more turn in the west I could have won in the east.  

A fabulously brutal game won 22-15 by the Lancastrians.  The boy done good.  He spent a good hour before the game working out his army list and command composition.  Then he sat for 10 minutes with the scenery and my first command on table weighing up possibilities.  He had a plan, and largely stuck to it, though it allowed for flexibility on his part.  So proud of him.  Give him another few weeks and he'll be a serious contender.

Piddling Brook - WoTR IMG_0489_zpsgoiectat

Incidentally, the name for the battle taken from Jack's comment that it wasn't a river but a 'Piddling Brook'.

All figures 15mm Peter Pig, owned and painted by yours truly.



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Piddling Brook - WoTR Empty Re: Piddling Brook - WoTR

Post by GamesPoet on Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:56 pm

A good name for the battle! : )


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