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Battle of Chaeronea 338BC - Scenario design assistance please.

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Battle of Chaeronea 338BC - Scenario design assistance please.

Post by Pyjamas on Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:55 am

Good morning all,

Our club is putting on a Battle Day in November with the chosen endeavour being Chaeronea with Philip of Macedon and Greek Hoplite league battling it out.

As the SOA do in the UK, the intention is for as many menebers at the club as possible to game in their chosen rule set and scale and I was quite keen to give this a crack in Impetus in 28mm.

So far we have 16 ancient gamers playing FOG, DBA, Clash of Empires and Hail Caesar down and I would love to include these excellent rules in the "menagerie" as well.

It would also help me get the inspiration to crack onto re-basing two more armies in the cabinets (those Sassanids and Romans killed me!!!).

Has anyone fought this particular battle using Impetus and if so, do they have a breakdown of forces etc. that I can translate onto the field please? We already have the map and various scenario equirements however knowing what to include would be a great benefit to this novice.

All help would be greatly appreciated.

Very best wishes



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