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Romans v Dinosaurs

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Romans v Dinosaurs

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:22 am


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Re: Romans v Dinosaurs

Post by Greymouse on Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:52 am

*Popcorn What a Face

"So first of all they are very polite and second they don't mean it."
(Christoph Waltz about the Austrians)

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Re: Romans v Dinosaurs

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:48 am

Version 1- lots of improvements yet to be made.
Terrain- Africa. All dinos are treated as equivalent to heavy cavalry unless otherwise stated. They can be disorganised by terrain. All carnivores start in ambush.
Bases are 12cm by whatever works, number of models is suggested for 20mm, for 28mm one model per base will as many as will fit.
M= movement. VBU+impetus bonus is given as XX+X.

Sauropods- ignore all marshes, swamps and rivers- treat as in open ground.
Small groups of say 2 per base, pts=20
Stomp= VBU 8+4
Tail whip= VBU 6+0

Carnivores-  1 per base, start in ambush pts=30
VBU = 8+4

Ankylosaurs, small group say 2, only hit on a 6. pts=20
tail club or spikes, VBU 8+0

Stegosaurs, small group 2 or 3, pts=20
Spiked tail VBU = 6+0

Triceratops, herd all facing forward. pts=20
VBU= 7+5

Raptors- start in ambush, group of 4-7. pts 25
Act as skirmishers
VBU= 6+4

Sauropods= Apatosaurus [Brontosaurus], Brachiosaurus, Plateosaurus, Diplodocus, Cetiosaurus, Camerasaurus, Ceratosaurus, Yangchuarosaurus, Dasplatosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Saltosaurus, Alamosaurus.

Carnovores= Tyrannosaurus, Antrodemus [Allosaurus], Spinosaurus,  Daspletosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Megalosaurus.

Triceratops= Triceratops, Styracsaurus, Chamosaurus, Monoclonius, Pachyrhinosaurus, Torosaurus, Pentaceratops, Arryhinosaurus, Anchiceratops, Centrosaurus.

Stegosaurs= Stegosaurus, Polacanthus, Kentosaurus,
Tuojangosaurus, Waurhosaurus.

Ankylosaurs= Ankylosaurus [Euplocephalus], Palaeoscincus, Talarius. Saichania. Nodosaurus-sauropelta.

Raptors= Deinonychus, Velociraptor, Dronsaeosaurus.

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Re: Romans v Dinosaurs

Post by Silverpaint68 on Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:29 pm

Oh ! Jurassic Parc ! Very Happy
It could be used for Lizardmen in Fantasy Impetus too.

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Re: Romans v Dinosaurs

Post by Sponsored content

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