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June 2018

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I am trying some rules amendments

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I am trying some rules amendments

Post by switze01 on Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:19 pm

Here they are ...
All long ranges doubled but other ranges the same.
Light artillery (c) move as per existing rules
Medium artillery .. can pivot up to 90 % but not fire
To move must limber which takes one turn then move at 1s
Heavy artillery … can pivot up to 45% but not fire
To move must limber and pass a discipline test which takes a move then move at 1s but
Must pass a discipline test each time.

This should counteract the range increase and make the artillery more realistically slow.
If massed units are disordered the its -2 dice not 1.
Fire as muskets with – for shooting as cuirasses as pistols
Units 5 strong with no firing reductions
Stakes for longbow take 2 turns to emplace one to remove and cancel enemy impetus


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