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Basic Impetus - Big Battle Carthage v Rome

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Basic Impetus - Big Battle Carthage v Rome

Post by jeztodd on Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:57 pm

Hi All

Played first game of Basic Impetus BUT with the large battle option yesterday. Classic Second Punic Wars battle and for Carthage the Elephant option was chosen twice. This army had literally just climbed over the Alps. The Romans went for the light cav and extra warband option both times. Romans hastii and princeps played as large unit.

Terrain was dominated by a large difficult wood but both sides decided to ignore this and just face off with a skirmisher unit in the woods. For Carthage balanced the elephants and Numidians equally on each flank with Libiyan and large Celt warband blocks on the centre. The Romans massed the weaker cavalry element on the far flank


Second photo shows Carthage on the way to victory .... The Spanish FL were the key stars on the wood flank cutting through one Roman Celt "ally" warband and equally the Skirmish VBU 3 slingers were able to hold off the other warband. Looks like the Roman celts were not really interested. On this flank these losses meant the Roman forces became shaken. Eventually a push through in the centre.

The Roman large units did not really work and also penalised as fighting as VBU 5, so no doubt will change for next time. Otherwise like the Basic Impetus Big Battle format.

Cheers Jez

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